Dissection, the NGSS, and Three-Dimensional Instruction
Dissection Resources

Dissection, the NGSS, and Three-Dimensional Instruction

Are you looking for ways to integrate dissection into your three-dimensional instruction? We’re here to help with teaching tips and resources, webinars, lab kits, and supplies.

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The Next Generation Science Standards* (NGSS) do not explicitly refer to dissection, but you can easily meet several science and engineering practices, crosscutting concepts, and performance expectations with dissection. It’s an ideal way to emphasize hands-on, minds-on learning while getting your students excited about science.

Check out the resources below for ideas on how to do it!

Dissection Webinars

Dissection Kits that Support the NGSS and 3-D Instruction

Advanced Mammalian Brain Dissection (with and without Dissection Mats)

Carolina® Advanced Mammalian Brain Dissection BioKits®
Carolina® Advanced Mammalian Brain Dissection BioKits®Carolina.com

Explore the major structures of the mammalian brain, including the meninges and hypophysis (pituitary gland), with this hands-on dissection kit.

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Carolina® Forensic Dissection

Carolina Forensic Dissection Kit
Carolina Forensic Dissection KitCarolina.com

With this unique lab activity, students dissect a pig while modeling the protocols used by a pathologist for a human autopsy.

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Cladograms and Evolution

Cladograms and Evolution Kit
Cladograms and Evolution KitCarolina.com

Use external features and DNA evidence to argue evolutionary relationships among a set of organisms.

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Frog Dissection BioKit® (with and without Dissection Mats)

Carolina® Frog Dissection BioKits®
Carolina® Frog Dissection BioKits®Carolina.com

Introduce students to basic vertebrate anatomy by dissecting a frog, a typical vertebrate.

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