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OHAUS Pioneer™ and Precision Analytical Balance, Model PA3102, without Draftshield

Item # 702496


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OHAUS Pioneer™ Precision and Analytical Balances are designed for use in laboratory, industrial, and educational applications. These balances include a leveling system and environmental settings. An optional RS232 Interface Kit (#702448) is also available. Other key features: * Simple Performance‚Äî7-segment LCD and 3-button keypad make the Pioneer easy to use. * Compact Size with Just the Features You Need‚ÄîPioneer(tm) offers 3 simple application modes and multiple weighing units. * Up-Front Level Indicator‚ÄîEnsure that the balance is level with a quick view of this indicator. * Environmental Settings‚ÄîThree filter modes and adjustable zero tracking are ideal for working in slow-filling applications where sensitivity is a must. When working in harsh environments, you can adjust balance settings to compensate for vibrations and other disturbances. Model PA3102. 3,100 x 0.01 g.

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