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E-Gel® Simple Runner Electrophoresis Device

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The Invitrogen E-Gel® Simple Runner Electrophoresis Device is an easy-to-use automated system designed for use with E-Gel® precast agarose gels. E-Gel® technology saves time and adds convenience by eliminating any need for gel preparation or staining. Run DNA samples in 15–30 minutes; device comes preprogrammed with 15- and 30-minute protocols for fast and simple operation. Compatible with E-Gel® single- and double-comb dry, precast, pre-stained agarose gels with either ethidium bromide or *SYBR Safe™ stains (items #213802, #213805, and #213809).

Features include:

  • Fast DNA separation—sample separation in minutes
  • Convenient—small footprint and light weight
  • Easy to use—intuitive interface and pre-programmed protocols

*SYBR Safe™ is a safe stain with the same sensitivity as ethidium bromide. The light source used to visualize EthBr, as well as other light sources, can be used to visualize SYBR Safe™, but different filters may be required for photography. For SYBR Safe™ gels, we guarantee a minimum 2-week shelf life from date of shipment. Call Carolina at 800.335.5551 for more information.


What’s Included:
  • 1 Electrophoresis Device
  • 1 AC Adapter
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