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Carolina® Pipette Carousel Stand

Item # 214619 Exclusive This product is exclusive to Carolina Biological Supply.

A perfect solution for storing and easily accessing 6 pipettors with a simple spin. The Carolina® Pipette Carousel Stand offers an ergonomic design and a near universal fit for many different types of pipettors. Compact, stable, versatile, affordable, and durable, the Carolina® Pipette Carousel Stand is a great addition to any classroom or research laboratory.



In stock and available to ship.
  • Universal design to fit a wide range of pipettes
  • Full 360° rotation so each pipette is always at your fingertips
  • Built to sturdily hold 6 pipettes in a compact footprint

The Carolina® Pipette Carousel Stand can hold a set of 6 single-channel pipettes, keeping all within reach for easy use. This compact stand (6-1/4" diam) occupies a small footprint of your bench space, making it the ideal option for classrooms and research laboratory. Designed to be a universal solution, the stand fits a wide variety of pipettes currently on the market. We recommend using this stand with our Carolina® Research Pipettors (items #214539, #214540, #214541, and #214542) or Carolina® Laboratory Pipettors (items #214623, #214625, #214627, and #214629) for a great classroom or research lab solution. The stand also can be easily carried or repositioned around the lab, even with a full load of 6 pipettes. This is truly the best solution to help maximize your lab space and save you time when conducting any experiments.

  • This item is only available from Carolina Biological Supply Company.

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