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Carolina® Large Choice Chamber Kit

$6.85 - $17.80 Quantity Discount Available

Developed from teacher requests! Construct a hypothesis and use the Carolina® Large Choice Chamber Kit to test your idea about habitat preference for isopods, bessbugs, millipedes, and hissing roaches. The kit's exclusive design allows you to control animal access and add more chambers, including black chambers for more habitat preference options, and to replace needed parts. Chamber size, 6" in diameter and 1" deep.


Developed from teacher requests! The large, sturdy, reusable, clear plastic Carolina® Large Choice Chamber has been developed so you can observe and monitor animal behavior. Construct a hypothesis about habitat preference and test your idea. Not only is this new chamber large enough (6" in diameter and 1" deep) to use for isopods, it's great for bessbugs, millipedes, and hissing roaches. Kit comes with 2 chambers, 2 chamber lids, a tunnel system with lid, and 4 "gates" to allow you to control access to your chambers. The exclusive design also allows you to add up to 2 Additional Carolina® Large Choice Chambers and Lids (item #143052) in order to test multiple parameters simultaneously. No need to worry if a part gets misplaced; simply order the Replacement Carolina® Choice Chamber Tunnel, Lid, and 4 Gates (item #143053) to complete your set. You can also order the Black Carolina® Large Choice Chamber and Lid (item #143055) for more habitat preference options.




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