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Join us as we celebrate Carolina's 90th birthday

Join us as we celebrate
Carolina's 90th birthday

At Carolina, we feel surprisingly young and strong in our 90th year. Our secret to such a long life is that we still feel the same passion and commitment to science educators that Dr. Thomas E. Powell, Jr. felt when he founded Carolina in 1927, with his idea of:

"A company, different from most, dedicated to education and to developing and maintaining top-quality specimens and teaching aids of all kinds."

From the beginning, Dr. Powell hired trained scientists and educators to work with him and based his new business on three principles: Innovation, Quality, and Service.

He saw Carolina staff as true partners with their teaching colleagues. The goal was to make teaching easier for educators – and more interesting for students. Nine decades later, the spirit of innovation and the excitement of developing effective new tools keep Carolina in the forefront of science education.

More secrets to our long, successful life

Today, it's amazing if a company lasts 10 years. Here are some of the reasons Carolina is going strong at 90:

  • We still grow, collect and ship most of our live materials. It's how we ensure your satisfaction. And it's why our preserved specimens are second to none.
  • We develop and market quality instructional kits. Educators all over the world rely on them to facilitate learning and help meet evolving standards.
  • We now offer Carolina brand lab equipment and supplies designed to meet your need for durability and value.
  • We back every product we sell with an unconditional guarantee so you can always buy with confidence.
  • Our top technical support staff is made up of experienced professionals, many with classroom experience, advanced science degrees or both.
  • Carolina's easy-to-use website provides access to free classroom activities and thousands of other teacher resources.
  • Our state-of-the-art facilities spread out over 110 acres in 3 states ensure quality production, service and fulfillment of our products.

A lifetime of service – and we're just beginning

Dr. Powell would be amazed at how far science has advanced in the last 90 years. But we don't think he'd be surprised that our company has stayed true to our roots of innovation, service and quality. It's how Carolina has grown into an international force in science education.

Our staff continues to lead the industry as they work with classroom educators to find out what is needed now – and what will be needed in the future. Turning those ideas into reality is what keeps Carolina a vibrant and valuable resource for educators.