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FREE Carolina ChemKits® Sample Offer

Free Carolina ChemKits® sample

Carolina Makes Chemistry Labs Easy and Effective

Do more of what you love with chemistry kits from Carolina.

Whether you’re looking for an AP® Chemistry lab or a chemical demonstration, we have the complete kit for you.

  • All of our kits come with a detailed teacher’s manual, background information, student guides, and questions so you can easily and efficiently set up your labs.
  • The kits minimize prep time and maximize student engagement with teacher-tested and approved activities performed in small lab groups.

Experience how our chemistry kits can benefit your classroom with a FREE TRIAL of 5 digital teacher’s manuals.

Explore Carolina’s proprietary kit lines for every chemistry classroom:

Carolina ChemKits®
General chemistry lab kits focusing on a single topic that can typically be completed in 1 class period. Bring guided-inquiry principles to your hands-on activities.

Carolina Chemonstrations®
Chemical demonstration kits make students active participants in teacher-led demos. Bring a wow factor to your classroom while introducing or wrapping up a chemistry topic.

Carolina Investigations® for AP® Chemistry
Built to meet the requirements of the College Board® AP® Chemistry curriculum, this line offers the option of a guided lab activity or an inquiry lab activity.

Inquiries in Science® Chemistry
Multi-activity, multi-day lab kits following a 5E learning cycle of Engage, Explore, Explain, Extend, and Evaluate. These inquiry kits promote STEM practices and help students build critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.

*No shipping charges or credit card required. Offer is limited to 1 free sample per customer. Offer cannot be transferred to any other person, and cannot be substituted for any other offer. We reserve the rights to refuse any sample request. International Samples not available.