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Carolina's Perfect Solution® FREE Specimen Sample Offer

Free Carolina's Perfect Solution® Specimen

Experience Carolina's Perfect Solution® Today with a FREE Specimen

As a science educator, you’ve done dissections before, but you’ve never done dissection like this. With Carolina’s Perfect Solution® preserved specimens, we offer a proprietary formaldehyde-alternative formula that delivers the lifelike, high-quality specimens you want with none of the dangerous off-gassing you don't want.

Carolina's Perfect Solution® specimens are also easy to use and store—saving you time in the lab. Designed with durability in mind, these specimens last over the long haul, making them an excellent choice for your dissection labs lasting several weeks.

Try a free specimen* today, and see for yourself why these products really are the perfect solution! Click the button below to complete the specimen request and be sure to indicate which specimen you would like to sample:

Compare and See for Yourself

To illustrate the effectiveness of Carolina's Perfect Solution® in providing high-quality specimens, we have compared it to some "formaldehyde-free" alternatives. The external differences are evident, but the more striking differences appear internally after closer examination of the tissues and organs.

*No shipping charges or credit card required. Offer is limited to 1 free sample per customer. Offer cannot be transferred to any other person, and cannot be substituted for any other offer. We reserve the rights to refuse any sample request. International Samples not available.