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Right There With You

We believe teachers are the
real miracles of modern science.

They work long hours, care deeply about their students,
and do everything possible to inspire a love of science.
How do we know? We equip them for the task.

We're Carolina

For 90 years, we've been fully committed to serving and supporting science educators throughout the world. It all started in 1927 with the vision of Dr. Thomas E. Powell, a young geology and biology professor who found he spent much of his time gathering specimens for his classes. He foresaw a very real need for supplying quality science materials to educational institutions. Today, the Powell family and the global company it has built continue to remain focused on the needs of teachers and students.

What We Believe

At Carolina, we believe in teachers because we understand their importance. They take on so many roles: educator, mentor, cheerleader, coach, parent, counselor, role model, and more. Teachers can't just show up for work. They have to be prepared and "on" every day. Teachers are the hardest-working, most dedicated people we know. They give part of themselves to each student they teach — and their impact goes far beyond the classroom. By helping students to learn and think for themselves, they are literally building the future.

Why We're Here

Carolina’s mission is to serve science educators. To connect with and support teachers. To give them content, resources, and the best science products available, all backed with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Toward that end, Carolina offers more than 14,000 time-tested products and innovations, each one carefully sourced by our staff of science experts. We also provide an amazing array of resources designed to save you time and enhance your students' learning experience.

What You've Told Us

Recently, we asked you to let us know exactly how you feel about the challenges and rewards of teaching science. Here is just a sampling of what teachers throughout the country told us:

When students have their "ahhhhh-ha" moments as they come to understand concepts or phenomena in science.

We are losing the chance to teach creatively.

They do not understand how much of my own money is spent on their child. We (as a profession) are chronically underfunded and undersupplied.

I have 94 different personalities, 94 different home stories & worries, 94 different students waiting on me to determine their value for that day.


We're Still Listening

At Carolina, we're right there with you. We strive to be totally in tune with your thoughts and needs. Tell us what you think.

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In 2016, we asked teachers to submit a video explaining why they choose to teach science. This video compilation is some of their responses.