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Carolina helps you grow better plants with better resources. Carolina offers seeds, growing systems and supplies for the study of plant life cycles and photosynthesis. Teach sustainability to students with our ready-to-grow plant kits. 

  • Grow Better Plants with
    Better Resources

    •  Start with the highest quality classroom plants
    •  Huge selection for study of photosynthesis,
        chromatography, transpiration and more
    •  Carolina greenhouse can supply scientific plants
        in large quantities—bulk service and pricing available
    •  To get a quote call us at 800-334-5551

  • Students Really Dig
    Schoolyard Gardens

    •  Teach sustainability from the ground up
    •  We supply seeds, growing systems and supplies
    •  No garden space at school? Use our
        EarthBox® Ready-to-Grow Kit

  • Underwater Wonder

    •  Quality source for Elodea
    •  Great for teaching cellular respiration,
        photosynthesis and plant leaf morphology
    •  Not for aquarium use
    •  Substitute plant for states that cannot
        receive Elodea