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Wisconsin Fast Plants

  • Plant Life in the
    Fast Lane

    •  Super-fast plant life cycle of 35 to
        40 days
    •  Virtually maintenance-free
    •  Complete materials kits
    •  Fast and fun for all grade levels

  • Small Footprint.
    Big Impression!

    •  Easy to grow, engaging for students
    •  Classroom plant kits include everything
        you need—watering system, containers
        and nutrients

  • Watch the
    Excitement Grow

    •  Measurable changes each day
    •  Witness germination through fertilization
        and seed development
    •  Interactive way to teach plant biology,
        environmental science, genetics, even math

  • The Green Way to
    Promote Literacy

    •  Wisconsin Fast Plants™ Reading Green™
        teaches life cycles and reading skills
        at the same time
    •  Students grow plants and read stories
        about how plants provide for our needs