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Living Organisms

Count on Carolina for  living organisms. With over five thousand animals, plants, insects and microorganisms in stock, Carolina has the expertise to ensure your living organisms arrive alive and on time so you can focus on lab prep and planning. 

  • Count on Carolina for
    Living Materials:

    •   Materials arrive alive, on time, every time
    •   Over 5,000 animals, plants, and microorganisms
         in stock and available to ship
    •   Expertise to help prep and plan your next lab
    •   100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all items

  • From Beetles to Butterflies

    •  Insects are fascinating to students
    •  Great way to teach life cycles and other
        studies at all age levels
    •  Easy, safe, approachable specimens
        for classroom use

  • Cultural Advantage

    •  Over 100 bacteria cultures, including
       Halobacterium & E. Coli
    •  Largest inventory of protist cultures
       in the industry
    •  Purity and genus guaranteed