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  • Living, Breathing Animals!

    •  Take any class from ho-hum to oh wow!
    •  Living animals tailored specifically to education
    •  Wide selection of for year-round use
    •  Helps teach multiple concepts, from environment
        to behavior

  • Alive and Well

    Carolina supports your success with
    animals in the classroom

    •  Living Organisms Care Sheets
    •  Educational Videos
    •  Technical Support

  • Take a Closer Look
    with Daphnia

    •  Ideal for physiology studies
    •  Transparent body and large heart
        make microscopic observation easy
    •  Change light, temperature, etc. and
        watch changes in heart rate

  • Have a Ball with Isopods

    •  Easy care crustaceans
    •  Over 300 million years old
    •  Great for teaching environmental adaptation,
        evolution and behavior