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Homeschool Science


Inspiring Hands-On Science Learning at Home and Other Out-of-School Learning Environments

For Homeschool Families: At Carolina, we're committed to homeschool education. Whether you're new to homeschooling or a seasoned pro, we have the product mix to support your hands-on labs. No matter which homeschool curriculum you use, you'll find all the products and resources that you need to successfully teach science. Need inspiration? Download our Homeschool Science Buying Guide.

For Informal Educators: Learning opportunities at science centers, museums, afterschools, libraries, national parks, and other out-of-school settings can lead to those aha moments that spark enthusiasm for science. At Carolina, you'll find resources and products perfect for camps, professional development workshops, field trips, and programs for homeschoolers. Take a moment to peruse our living and preserved materials, STEM challenge kits, chemistry demonstration kits, and forensic supplies that support popular themes. Then browse our full website for ideas for your upcoming programs and events.

Free Activities to Support Learning: Enjoy hundreds of free student activities in our Resources tab, located at the top of this page. You'll find hands-on activities, demonstrations, investigations, and articles to support your science instruction. Take a moment to view our Featured Resources" tab on this page for safety information and highlighted resources.