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  • Turn Ick to "Quick—Look
    at That!"

    •  Fascinating way to create real interest in life
        cycle studies
    •  Easy and safe for students to handle
    •  Insect studies for all age levels
    •  Approachable specimens for classroom use

  • Easily Teach Life Cycles
    with Butterflies

    •  Carolina makes it easy to teach elementary
        life cycle with live butterflies
    •  Butterfly kits contain everything you need
    •  Witnessing metamorphosis is an experience
        students never forget

  • Bringing Drosophila Down
    to Earth

    •  Study genetics in the classroom with innovative
        Carolina kits and cultures
    •  Flightless fruit fly reduces escape
    •  Easy Fly™ makes genetic work easier
    •  FlyNap® anesthesia simplifies sexing and

  • Be Open To Beetles

    •  Yes, they crawl...but they're great
        teaching tools!
    •  Easy care and safe to handle
    •  Great for inquiry-based study of the
        beetle life cycle