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Investigations Using Large Choice Chambers Kit (with prepaid coupon)

Item # 143054 Exclusive This product is exclusive to Carolina Biological Supply. With Digital This kit includes 1-year access to digital resources including videos, digital teacher’s manuals, printable student guides, interactive lessons, editable assessment questions, and more.

Grades 6–12. Introduce your students to ethology, the study of animal behavior, with this inquiry-based kit. Students observe the innate behaviors of millipedes using Carolina® Large Choice Chambers, then conduct experiments to determine environmental and food preferences. After collecting and analyzing data, students answer questions about their observations. Kit equips a class of 32 students working in 8 groups of 4.



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Grades 6–12. Introduce your students to ethology, the study of animal behavior, with this hands-on, inquiry-based kit. First, students observe the innate behaviors of millipedes using our uniquely designed Carolina® Large Choice Chambers. Students next conduct their own experiments, exposing the millipedes to various environmental conditions to determine their preferences. They can also determine food preferences by offering a variety of foods. Students collect and analyze their data, and answer questions pertaining to their observations. In addition, discussions on innate vs. learned behavior will provide students with some understanding of natural selection.

The kit is designed for a class of 32 students working in 8 groups of 4 and includes FREE 1-year access to digital resources that support 3-dimensional instruction for NGSS. Kit also includes a prepaid coupon to request the perishables later at your convenience. Contact us or return the coupon to request delivery of perishable materials. Note: Not for export.

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Components Qty Included?
Millipedes 24 Included
Carolina® Large Choice Chamber Kit (item #143051) 8 Included
Carolina® Black Large Choice Chamber with Lid 4 Included
Filter Paper 100 Included
Dropping Pipettes, Calibrated 8 Included
Carolina Science Online® Resources (1-year subscription) 1 Included
Teacher's Manual with Reproducible Student Guide 1 Included
Timers 8 Needed, Not Included
Plastic Containers, Small 8 Needed, Not Included
Container, 5 gal, with Lid 1 Needed, Not Included
Spray Bottle 1 Needed, Not Included
Potting Soil (free of chemicals and fertilizers) Needed, Not Included
Springwater Needed, Not Included
Millipede Food Needed, Not Included
Substrate Needed, Not Included