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Studying Classification with Cladograms Kit

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Featuring Carolina's Perfect Solution® specimens

Grades 9-12. For a class of 32 working in groups of 4. Students explore animal diversity and learn to classify different animals using a cladogram. The kit includes a classroom set each of preserved crayfish, grasshoppers, perch, frogs, and rats. Students observe and record similarities among the organisms then create a cladogram predicting their phylogenetic order based on external-morphological traits. Student groups then dissect each organism, observe internal anatomy, and share their findings with the class. A detailed teacher's manual containing background information, pre-lab practice problems, extension activities, dissection guides for each organism, and reproducible student sheets is also provided.

Student Objectives:

  • Observe anatomical evolutionary patterns across the animal kingdom
  • Study the external anatomical structures of a crustacean, an insect, a fish, an amphibian, and a mammal
  • Learn how to construct phylogenetic trees or cladograms
  • Dissect an organism representative of Kingdom Animalia


What’s Included:
  • 8 Carolina's Perfect Solution® Grasshoppers
  • 8 Carolina's Perfect Solution® Crayfish
  • 8 Carolina's Perfect Solution® Frogs
  • 8 Carolina's Perfect Solution® Rats
  • 8 Formalin Perch
  • 8 Self-locking Storage Bags
  • 8 Disposable Dissecting Trays
  • 1 Teacher's Manual and Reproducible Student Guide
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