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Carolina® Benchtop 3-D Rocker, 115 V

Item # 213735 Exclusive This product is exclusive to Carolina Biological Supply.

Designed to conserve space, the Carolina® Benchtop 3-D Rocker is the perfect addition to any lab. Featuring a 12 x 12” platform with optimized tilt angle and speed rotation, this rocker is perfect for mixing in gel trays, boxes, and other flat vessels. Powered by maintenance-free, brushless motors and safe to use in both cold rooms and incubators, this unit can meet the versatile needs of any user. 115 V.



Ships from the manufacturer and will arrive on or about 6/29/21

Note: Carolina recently adjusted the price of this product due to a tariff imposed on various goods imported from China.

  • Optimized speed and tilt for gel blotting, washing, and staining
  • Ultra-compact design with perfect 3-dimensional motion
  • Wide functional temperature range, 4 to 65° C

This platform rocker offers teachers and students a unique set of features and is designed to withstand both the rigors of the classroom and the research lab bench. The 3-dimensional motion of the unit delivers the perfect amount of speed and tilt for all of your blotting, washing, mixing, and staining needs. Included flat autoclavable mats provide an ideal surface for gel trays, boxes, and other flat vessels. This compact unit is designed to handle up to 4-lb loads and has maintenance-free, brushless motors—making it exceptional for any classroom. Showcasing a high level of versatility, the rocker works in cold rooms and incubators (4 to 65° C). Optional Rocker Stacking Platform with Mat (item #213736) is available to increase surface area. 115 V.

  • This item is only available from Carolina Biological Supply Company.

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Item# 213735
Capacity 4 lb
Dimensions 12” W x 12” D x 8” H; platform size, 12 x 12”
Electrical 115 V
Load Capacity 4 lb
Speed Range 12 rpm, fixed
Stacking Clearance 3"
Temperature Range Operating, 4 to 65° C
Tilt Angle 8°, fixed
Weight 4.4 lb