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Vibration and Waves Kit

Item # 754163

Introduce transverse and longitudinal waves, resonance, and vibration to your students. Combine a sine wave signal generator and a vibration generator to produce waves illustrating nodes/antinodes, resonance, and standing waves (using the included loop, spring, string, and metal strips). Create intricate nodal patterns using Chladni plates and sand, illustrating 2-D waves and resonance with higher-frequency settings.



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The Vibration and Waves Kit enables teachers to introduce mechanical vibration and waves with demonstrations illustrating concepts such as transverse and longitudinal standing waves, the concept of resonance, and mechanical vibration. The sine wave signal generator has a large 3-digit display and is combined with the vibration generator for low- and high-frequency vibrations with a range of 1–400 Hz (1-Hz increments) and 0.01–4.00 kHz (0.01-kHz increments).

Overview of Possible Experiments

  • Study vibration and resonance of materials with metal strips that have different natural frequencies.
  • Generate transverse standing waves vibrating a string and depicting nodes and antinodes.
  • Generate standing waves on a wire loop (analogous to quantized energy levels in quantum mechanics).
  • Perform dramatic demonstrations of 2-dimensional waves and resonance with square and circular Chladni plates, illustrating nodes and antinodes (with higher-frequency range).
  • Illustrate longitudinal waves with a helical spring using a vertical support rod.

Components Qty Included?
Mechanical Vibration Generator 1 Included
Sine Wave Signal Generator 1 Included
Assembly Wrench for Base Rail 1 Included
Base Rail 1 Included
Fine Sand for Chladni Plates 1 Included
Circular Chladni Resonance Plate 1 Included
Square Chladni Resonance Plate 1 Included
Helical Spring and Attachments 1 Included
Wire Loop 1 Included
Elastic Cord and Attachments 1 Included
Set of Metal Resonance Strips 1 Included
Pair of Connecting Cords 1 Included
Vertical Support Rod with Clamps 1 Included
Ruler, Metric 1 Needed, Not Included
Bubble Level 1 Needed, Not Included
Degreaser (optional) 1 Needed, Not Included