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Carolina® Forensic Dissection Kit for 1 Student Group

Item # 221488 Exclusive This product is exclusive to Carolina Biological Supply. With Digital This kit includes 1-year access to digital resources including videos, digital teacher’s manuals, printable student guides, interactive lessons, editable assessment questions, and more.

Product Highlights

  • Develop and revise a model for relationships between organ systems through an authentic forensic dissection protocol used on a preserved pig.
  • High school laboratory investigation with enough materials for 1 student lab group.
  • Carolina Kits 3D®—Labs that use phenomena to support NGSS and 3-dimensional instruction.



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In this unique lab activity, students conduct a forensic pig dissection by modeling the protocols used by a pathologist for a human autopsy. They record their observations of external anatomy and then use a Y incision to open the body cavity for a detailed examination. Students remove all organ systems and take detailed measurements and observations of each organ on the provided Autopsy Report. When students complete the forensic dissection, they return the organs to the body cavity and suture the incisions. Along with the Carolina's Perfect Solution® pigs, a preserved adult pig heart and pig kidney are also included for comparison with the dissected specimen. A set of 7 prepared slides allows students to extend and enhance the dissection by examining some of the tissue types found within each system. This fresh, new approach to pig dissection provides a real-world connection to the popular world of forensics.

Time Requirement
Teacher prep, 45 minutes. Dissection, approximately one 3-hour block (or can be divided into multiple class periods). Note: Carolina’s Wetting Solution (items #220120A and #220121A) is recommended if completing dissection over multiple days.

Digital Resources
Includes 1-year access to digital resources that support 3-dimensional instruction for NGSS. Digital resources may include a teacher manual and student guide, pre-lab activities and setup videos, phenomenon videos, simulations, and post-lab analysis and assessments.

Performance Expectation(s)

Crosscutting Concepts
Structure and Function

Disciplinary Core Ideas
LS1.A: Structure and Function

Science and Engineering Practices
Developing and Using Models

Learning Objectives

  • Use descriptive figures and text to properly dissect a pig following an autopsy protocol.
  • Examine both external and internal characteristics of the pig, including tissues, organs, and body fluids.
  • Collect measurements and weights of various organs.
  • Relate macroscopic observations of the pig organs to prepared microscope slide sections of lung, artery, vein, stomach, liver, kidney, and reproductive tissues.

Prerequisite Knowledge and Skills
Students should have experience using dissecting instruments. They should also be familiar with mammalian organs and organ systems.

  • This item is only available from Carolina Biological Supply Company.

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The Student Kit is for a single student or small group of students working together at 1 station.

Components Qty Included?
Carolina's Perfect Solution® Pig 1 Included
Carolina's Perfect Solution® Pig Heart 1 Included
Carolina's Perfect Solution® Pig Kidney 1 Included
Mammal Artery and Vein Microscope Slide, c.s. 1 Included
Human Fundic Stomach Microscope Slide, sec. 1 Included
Mammal Liver Microscope Slide, sec. 1 Included
Mammal Lung Microscope Slide, sec. 1 Included
Mammal Kidney Microscope Slide, median sag. sec. 1 Included
Mammal Graafian Follicles Microscope Slide, sec. 1 Included
Mammal Epididymis Microscope Slide, sec. 1 Included
Hand Lens 1 Included
Large Weigh Boats 5 Included
Sponge 1 Included
Suture Needle 1 Included
Roll of Nylon String 1 Included
Blue Absorbent Pad 1 Included
Carolina Science Online Resources (1-year subscription) 1 Included
Teacher's Manual and Reproducible Student Guide 1 Included
Dissecting Trays 2 Needed, Not Included
Dissecting Instruments Needed, Not Included
Compound Microscope Needed, Not Included
Stereomicroscope Needed, Not Included
Scale (for objects 3-5 lb) Needed, Not Included
Top-Loading Balance or Mechanical Balance (200 g) Needed, Not Included
Twine or Large Rubber Bands Needed, Not Included
Metric Ruler Needed, Not Included
Petri Dish Needed, Not Included
Gloves Needed, Not Included
Aprons Needed, Not Included
Safety Glasses or Goggles Needed, Not Included
Bone Cutting Forceps (optional) Needed, Not Included
Digital Camera (optional) Needed, Not Included

Carolina's Perfect Solution Specimens

Carolina's Perfect Solution®—Safe. Convenient. Superior.

Our commitment to producing the finest preserved specimens on the market has led us to Carolina's Perfect Solution®, a unique, revolutionary fixative that is dramatically improving the quality of classroom dissection.

  • No formalin odor
  • No dangerous off-gassing
  • No dark and unnatural appearance

Instead, organisms preserved with Carolina's Perfect Solution® retain more lifelike color and texture. Because students study more natural-looking specimens, it is easier for them to identify the structures and, as a result, learn anatomy.

Carolina's Perfect Solution® specimens are safe and nontoxic, which means you need no special ventilation and there's no costly disposal.