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Pig Dissection Student Kit

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This kit has everything a student needs to complete a remote or at-home pig dissection: Carolina's Perfect Solution® double-injected preserved pig, student set of dissecting instruments, personal protective equipment (gloves and safety glasses), foam dissecting tray, plastic storage bag, and comprehensive student dissection manual.



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For 1 or 2 students. Whether students are physically distancing in the classroom or learning remotely, this kit is perfect for basic biology and anatomy classes. It provides everything a student needs—from personal protective equipment to a step-by-step dissection manual with color images—to explore basic mammalian anatomy. The dissection walks students through the external anatomy and internal anatomy, including the digestive, urogenital, circulatory, and respiratory systems.

Kit includes a Carolina's Perfect Solution® 11–14" double-injected pig (red arteries, blue veins), a set of dissecting instruments, nitrile gloves, safety glasses, a foam dissecting tray, a plastic storage bag, and a dissection manual.

Note: Carolina's preserved pigs were not raised for the purpose of dissection; they are a byproduct of the pork industry. Most of the pigs were stillborn and would be discarded were they not reutilized for educational purposes.

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Components Qty Included?
Carolina's Perfect Solution® Preserved Pig (double-injected) 1 Included
Student Dissecting Set 1 Included
Foam Dissecting Tray 1 Included
Plastic Storage Bag 1 Included
Nitrile Gloves, Pairs 2 Included
Safety Glasses 1 Included
Dissection Manual 1 Included

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Carolina's Perfect Solution Specimens

Carolina's Perfect Solution®—Safe. Convenient. Superior.

Our commitment to producing the finest preserved specimens on the market has led us to Carolina's Perfect Solution®, a unique, revolutionary fixative that is dramatically improving the quality of classroom dissection.

  • No formalin odor
  • No dangerous off-gassing
  • No dark and unnatural appearance

Instead, organisms preserved with Carolina's Perfect Solution® retain more lifelike color and texture. Because students study more natural-looking specimens, it is easier for them to identify the structures and, as a result, learn anatomy.

Carolina's Perfect Solution® specimens are safe and nontoxic, which means you need no special ventilation and there's no costly disposal.