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Beginner's Biology Microscope Slide Set

Item # 292336

Great value! This is an excellent introductory slide set that comes with 50 slides demonstrating plant and animal cells, as well as mitosis, monerans, protists, and fungi.



In stock and available to ship.

Carolina® slide sets are the smart choice. The Beginner's Biology Slide Set includes 50 slides demonstrating plant and animal cells, as well as mitosis, monerans, protists, and fungi.

For a complete list of the included slides, please reference the What's Included tab. Note: We may make substitutions as needed.

Components Qty Included?
Typical Plant Cells 1 Included
Typical Animal Cells 1 Included
Plant Mitosis 1 Included
Animal Mitosis 1 Included
Bacterial Types 1 Included
Amoeba 1 Included
Euglena 1 Included
Paramecium 1 Included
Spirogyra 1 Included
Volvox 1 Included
Mushroom 1 Included
Penicillium 1 Included
Rhizopus 1 Included
Dicot Embryo 1 Included
Dicot Leaf 1 Included
Dicot Root 1 Included
Fern Rhizome 1 Included
Fern Root 1 Included
Fern Sporangia 1 Included
Leaf Epidermis 1 Included
Monocot Flower Bud 1 Included
Monocot Stem 1 Included
Moss Antheridial Head 1 Included
Moss Archegonial Head 1 Included
Pollen Grains 1 Included
Woody Dicot Stem 1 Included
Nematode 1 Included
Cyclops 1 Included
Hydra 1 Included
Planaria 1 Included
Sponge Spicules 1 Included
Water Flea 1 Included
Fluke 1 Included
Roundworm 1 Included
Earthworm 1 Included
Fruit Fly 1 Included
Chick Embryo 1 Included
Areolar Tissue 1 Included
Bone 1 Included
Cartilage 1 Included
Frog Blood 1 Included
Human Blood 1 Included
Human Sperm 1 Included
Mammal Intestine 1 Included
Mammal Ovary 1 Included
Mammal Skin 1 Included
Mammal Testis 1 Included
Nervous Tissue 1 Included
Simple Cuboidal Epithelium 1 Included
Skeletal Muscle 1 Included
Carolina® Slide Box 1 Included

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