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Fast Gels Electrophoresis Packs

$25.35 - $75.85

Get ready to kick your electrophoresis labs into warp speed. The Fast Gels Electrophoresis Pack will revolutionize your approach to DNA electrophoresis in the classroom. Saving you time without compromising results, it truly is a game-changer in the educational classroom. Each pack is designed to be used in conjunction with our Carolina PCR kits (DNA fragments <1 kb) and works best using a 250- to 290-V power supply. A pack runs and stains 8 gels.


  • Electrophoresis at warp speed
  • As simple as changing your buffer
  • Run gels in 10-20 minutes

Looking for a great way to save time in your classroom without making big changes to your protocols? Carolina is proud to exclusively offer the Fast Gels buffer system designed to take your electrophoresis experiments to the next level. On average, our Fast Gels products decrease DNA electrophoresis run-time from 45 minutes to 10-20 minutes, allowing you to accomplish more during valuable class time. The Fast Gels system typically works best with DNA fragments that are less than 1 kb in length, making it an effective option for many of our PCR kits. Each pack contains enough materials to run and stain 8 gels (2% or lower) using the specified stain. For optimum results your power supply must be capable of running at 250 to 290 V, but any increase in voltage will help reduce the running time of your gel. Note: Item #217308 is sold only to schools and businesses.




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