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Carolina ChemKits®: The Essence of Slime

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Observe phosphorescence, fluorescence, magnetism, and thermochromatism with slime! Students make 4 different slime formulations and then perform a round of qualitative and quantitative tests on them. Value Kit includes sufficient materials for 4 classes of up to 32 students each.


This slime kit is a great introduction to scientific inquiry!

  • Make phosphorescent, magnetic, fluorescent, and thermochromatic slime
  • Record qualitative observations of 8 different properties of each slime formulation
  • Explain the role of intermolecular forces on the properties of slime
  • Includes pre-made PVA solution, saving teacher prep time

Students make 4 types of slime and then determine how those variations on the classic poly(vinyl) alcohol and borax slime formulation contribute to the variable properties of each type of slime. Kit includes additives to make slime magnetic, fluorescent, phosphorescent, and thermochromatic. After preparing the 4 types of slime, students rotate through stations to test them for temperature, phosphorescence, fluorescence, absorbance and transmittance, magnetism, cohesion and adhesion, viscosity, and pH. Students use the recorded data to identify the additives and to make connections between their observations and the molecular-level structure of this hydrogel. Activities can be completed in 1 class period, but we recommend doing them on separate days. Value Kit includes sufficient materials for 4 classes of up to 32 students each.