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Introduction to Sterile Technique Kit

Item # 821042 Exclusive This product is exclusive to Carolina Biological Supply.

Need an easy way to determine if your students can conduct experiments using sterile technique? Use this kit to give them hands-on experience before they study microorganisms. Kit includes 2 sterile exercises with materials sufficient for 10 groups of 3 students.



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Allow your students to practice important sterile lab skills for studying microorganisms. Students perform 2 sterile exercises: the transfer of sterile nutrient broth to a culture tube and the transfer of sterile nutrient broth from a culture tube onto a nutrient agar plate. Students must be able to perform both of these exercises without introducing unwanted microorganisms and understand the use of a positive control. Kit includes materials sufficient for 10 groups of 3 students.

  • This item is only available from Carolina Biological Supply Company.
Components Qty Included?
Nutrient Broth Tubes, Sterile, 5 mL 10 Included
Nutrient Agar Bottle, Sterile, 125 mL 6 Included
Pipets, Disposable, Sterile, 1 mL 30 Included
Inoculating Loops, Sterile 70 Included
Petri Plates, Sterile 40 Included
Culture Tubes, Sterile 25 Included
Culture Tubes, Nonsterile 10 Included
Carolina Science Online® Digital Resource Card 1 Included
Teacher’s Manual with Reproducible Student Guide 1 Included
Ethyl or Isopropyl Alcohol, 70%, 500 mL 1 Needed, Not Included
Test Tube Racks (for 17 x 100-mm culture tubes) 10 Needed, Not Included
Lab Markers 10 Needed, Not Included
Disposable Gloves (enough for each student) Needed, Not Included
Heat-Resistant Gloves 1 Needed, Not Included
Scissors 2 Needed, Not Included
Paper Towels, Roll 1 Needed, Not Included
Clear Tape, Roll 1 Needed, Not Included
Bleach or Autoclave 1 Needed, Not Included
Laboratory Refrigerator 1 Needed, Not Included
Incubator (optional) 1 Needed, Not Included