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Cat Dissection BioKit®

Item # 221481 Exclusive This product is exclusive to Carolina Biological Supply.

Featuring Carolina's Perfect Solution® specimens
For a class of 30 students. Working in pairs, students study major organs, organ systems, and basic feline anatomy and physiology through guided dissection.



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Featuring Carolina's Perfect Solution® specimens
The Carolina® BioKit® is a single-concept classroom unit that gives students a hands-on approach to biology. Each kit contains materials for at least 30 students plus teacher's manual with reproducible student guide and labeled diagrams, information regarding the specimen's anatomy and physiology, National Science Education Standards met by the dissection, glossary, and list of resources to reinforce the activity. Kits with Carolina's Perfect Solution® specimens also include information about the fixative.

For a class of 30. Working in pairs, students study major organs, organ systems, and basic feline anatomy and physiology through guided dissection. Kit includes 15 plain Carolina's Perfect Solution® cats, 15 plastic storage bags and waterproof student name tags, a teacher's manual with reproducible student sheets, and a highly detailed Dissection of the Cat (item #455573) laboratory manual to use as a reference.

Carolina's Perfect Solution®—an alternative to formaldehyde—is a revolutionary fixative that produces superior specimens while improving the safety of your classroom or lab. Tissues and organs are extremely lifelike and retain better color and texture than with other preparations.

Important Notice: Currently, our supply of preserved cats is limited due to a lack of availability. We sincerely apologize for any delays or inconvenience this causes. We suggest placing your order as early as possible. In addition, if you can receive the specimens early (before you need them), indicate this when placing your order. Please contact Carolina Customer Service (800.334.5551 or customer_service@carolina.com) for more accurate expected ship dates.

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Product Families Featuring This Item:

Components Qty Included?
Carolina's Perfect Solution® Cats 15 Included
Plastic Storage Bags 15 Included
Carolina® Dissection of the Cat Laboratory Manual 1 Included
Teacher's Manual and Reproducible Student Guide 1 Included
Large Dissecting Trays 15 Needed, Not Included
Dissecting Instruments Needed, Not Included
String Needed, Not Included
Bone-Cutting Forceps Needed, Not Included
Microscopes and/or Stereomicroscopes Needed, Not Included
Microscope Slides Needed, Not Included
Microscope Coverslips Needed, Not Included
Gloves Needed, Not Included
Aprons Needed, Not Included
Safety Glasses or Goggles Needed, Not Included
Ruler (optional) Needed, Not Included
Mounted Cat Skeleton (optional) Needed, Not Included
Disarticulated Cat Skeleton (optional) Needed, Not Included

Carolina's Perfect Solution Specimens

Carolina's Perfect Solution®—Safe. Convenient. Superior.

Our commitment to producing the finest preserved specimens on the market has led us to Carolina's Perfect Solution®, a unique, revolutionary fixative that is dramatically improving the quality of classroom dissection.

  • No formalin odor
  • No dangerous off-gassing
  • No dark and unnatural appearance

Instead, organisms preserved with Carolina's Perfect Solution® retain more lifelike color and texture. Because students study more natural-looking specimens, it is easier for them to identify the structures and, as a result, learn anatomy.

Carolina's Perfect Solution® specimens are safe and nontoxic, which means you need no special ventilation and there's no costly disposal.