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Carolina's Perfect Solution® Crayfish, 3 to 4", Single Injection, Pail of 10

1 - 9 $14.95
10+ $13.95
(in stock)


Crayfish are members of the phylum Arthropoda (commonly called arthropods) and the class Crustacea. Because of their very specialized appendages, crayfish are the perfect specimens to convey to students the relationship between structure, function, and the environment. Use crayfish to address National Science Education Standards on Structure and Function in Living Systems; Matter, Energy, and Organization in Living Systems; and the Behavior of Organisms.

Preserved in safe, nontoxic Carolina's Perfect Solution®. Carolina's Perfect Solution® is our unique formula that creates a superior, more natural-looking specimen. Carolina's Perfect Solution® crayfish are safe and free of formalin odor. Setup, dissection, and disposal are hassle-free.

Size, 3 to 4". Single color injection: Colored latex in circulatory system. Packed in pails. Note: Crayfish are priced in units of 10. However, an order for multiple units of 10 may be packed all in 1 pail.


Features, Dimensions & Weight:
  • Color Injection: Single
  • Package Type: Pail
  • Length: 3-4"
  • Type of Preservative: Carolina's Perfect Solution®
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