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Formalin Dogfish Shark, 18 to 22", Plain, 1 Per Bag

Product Highlights
  • Classic tissue fixative
  • Budget friendly
  • Soaked in Carosafe®, a formaldehyde-free solution
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Product Details
The dogfish shark, a member of the class Chondrichthyes, is a popular dissection specimen in general biology and anatomy courses. It is useful for learning about cartilaginous fish and for studying comparative and vertebrate anatomy. Mature specimens allow for a thorough investigation of adult structures.

Dogfish sharks have many characteristics intriguing to students, including their:

  • Cartilaginous skeleton
  • Five pairs of gill slits
  • Claspers (male only)
  • Two-chambered heart
  • Spiral intestine
  • J-shaped stomach
  • Lack of a swim bladder and operculum

Note: Due to seasonality, availability of preserved dogfish sharks may be limited.

Product Features

  • No color injection—ideal for general anatomical studies.
  • Soaked in Carosafe®, then individually packed and shipped in a vacuum-sealed bag for easy distribution.
  • Price listed is for 1 specimen.

Carosafe® preservative and holding solution for biological specimens contains no formaldehyde and is not a tissue fixative. Most Carosafe® specimens were first preserved with a formalin solution and then washed before placement in Carosafe®. Specimens are held in Carosafe® prior to shipment, producing formalin-preserved specimens that, when dissected, minimize formaldehyde exposure. Learn More.


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