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Scienstructable 3D Dissection Model®: Cat

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Get your claws into a hands-on cat dissection model that allows students to explore cat anatomy, including musculature. The Cat Paper Dissection Model (item #399475) comes with downloadable model templates and supporting digital resources. The Cat Vinyl Manipulative and Digital Classroom Set (item #399476) includes the downloadable model templates, supporting digital resources, plus a large vinyl cat model.

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Scienstructable 3D Dissection Model® materials by Getting Nerdy® are a perfect way to get EVERY student engaged in dissection. Studying and reviewing cat anatomy, including musculature, has never been easier with this DIY cat dissection model. Choose from the Cat Paper Dissection Model (item #399475) and the Cat Vinyl Manipulative and Digital Classroom Set (item #399476).

Cat Paper Dissection Model
Students color, cut out, and assemble the paper model from the provided printable templates (blackline and color). These hands-on, DIY models can be used as a dissection-free exploration or as a pre-dissection or summative assessment tool. The accompanying digital resources provide an editable PowerPoint® presentation about the specimen with bell work activities, instructions, notes, and embedded answer keys; and non-editable PDF handouts including a guided reading about the function and location of each structure within the organism, differentiated graphic organizers, and extension questions. Purchase is a 1-year subscription license for 1 individual teacher to access the dissection model and digital resources.

Cat Vinyl Manipulative and Digital Classroom Set
With the classroom set you get the Cat Paper Dissection Model (item #399475) with supporting digital content plus a large, full-color vinyl cat model with everything you need, including assembly instructions. Use the vinyl model as a demonstration specimen or manipulative that mirrors the digital student version.