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Carolina's Perfect Solution® Preserved Salamanders

$9.00 - $9.00 Quantity Discount Available

Ambystoma sp. Larval tiger salamander preserved in safe, nontoxic Carolina's Perfect Solution®. Specimen is 6–8" and has no color injection (plain). Choose your preference of packaging: 1 per bag, bulk bag, or pail.

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Ambystoma sp. Use the preserved larval tiger salamander not only to explore amphibian anatomy but also to advance your study of evolutionary biology. The prominent anatomical characteristics of larval tiger salamanders are much like that of Necturus sp., including external gills, gill slits, and a long caudal fin. However, while necturus remain aquatic throughout their entire lifespan and have 4 digits on their hindlimbs, tiger salamanders can undergo complete metamorphosis to transition to a terrestrial habitat and have 5 digits on their hindlimbs. And while complete metamorphosis is common among most tiger salamanders, scientists have found that under some environmental conditions, they may retain their larval characteristics and still reach sexual maturity, a phenomenon called neoteny. Tiger salamanders are widespread and commonly used in the fishing industry as bait.

Salamanders are preserved in Carolina's Perfect Solution®, our proprietary fixative that produces the safest and highest quality specimens on the market. The life-like tissue texture and color allow students to easily identify structures and learn anatomy.

Size, 6–8". Plain: No color injection. Prices listed are for 1 specimen. Choose your preference of packaging: 1 per bag, bulk bag, or pail.




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