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Formalin Pig, 5 to 7", Plain, Pail

Item # 228490

Pig preserved in formalin. Specimen is 5 to 7" and has no color injection (plain). Shipped immersed in Carosafe® in a sealed pail. Prices listed are for 1 specimen.



In stock and available to ship.

Our standard formalin pig, shipped in Carosafe® and packaged in a pail. Size, 5–7". Plain: no color injection.

Because pig specimens are larger than frogs, they are ideal for students working in pairs or small groups, and their internal structures are typically easy for students to locate and identify. Students can:

  • Learn vertebrate anatomy and practice dissection skills at the same time
  • Examine organ systems and understand the relationship between structure and function
  • Investigate similarities and differences between pigs and other mammals, including humans

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Item# 228490
Color Injection Plain
Package Type Pail
Length 5 to 7"
Type of Preservative Formalin

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