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Carolina's Perfect Solution® Rat, 7"+, Triple Injection, Bulk Bag

1 - 9 $19.15
10+ $18.15
(backordered: in stock 2/2/23)


Rats have become increasingly popular as dissection specimens for exploring mammalian anatomy. These fully developed animals display mature organs and organ systems for students to examine skeletal, muscular, and reproductive structures. The rat body plan allows for close comparison to human anatomy, rats are convenient to dissect with little fluid in the body cavity, and they are economical.

Carolina's Perfect Solution® rats are preserved and shipped in our unique formula that creates a superior, more natural-looking specimen. Tissues and organs are extremely lifelike and retain better color and texture than with other preparations.

Carolina's Perfect Solution® rats are safe and free of formalin odor. Setup, dissection, and disposal are hassle-free.

Size, 7"+. Triple color injection: Arterial system injected with red latex, systemic veins injected with blue latex, hepatic system injected with yellow latex. Prices listed are for 1 specimen.


Features, Dimensions & Weight:
  • Color Injection: Triple
  • Package Type: Bulk Bag
  • Length: 7”+
  • Type of Preservative: Carolina's Perfect Solution®
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