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Formalin Sheep Brain, Dura Mater Removed, Plain, Bulk Bag

Item # 228702

Sheep brain with the dura mater removed and optic chiasma intact, preserved in formalin. Specimen has no color injection (plain). Multiple specimens are bulk packed and shipped in a vacuum-sealed bag. Prices listed are for 1 specimen.

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Go Deeper Into Physiological Study with Sheep Organs Sheep brains are the perfect specimen to study mammalian brain structure. A sheep brain is similar to a human brain and the structures are easily identified. Standard formalin sheep brains with dura mater removed and optic chiasma intact are shipped in Carosafe(r), Carolina's proprietary shipping and holding fluid. Carosafe(r) is an odorless fluid designed to minimize the unpleasant odor of formaldehyde. Bulk-packed in vacuum-sealed bags. Plain: No color injection.

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Item# 228702
Color Injection Plain
Package Type Bulk Bag
Type of Preservative Formalin

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