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Blepharisma sp. Demoslide Set

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Genus and Species: Blepharisma sp.
Optimal Medium: Wheat Seed + Carolina® Springwater
Optimal Temperature: 22° C
Motility: Cilia
Classification: Ciliates (Demoslide)



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Features the unique Demoslide—a convenient, easy-to-use culture tube for studying microscopic organisms. The Demoslide is a tapered tube with a compressed viewing chamber at its tip.

Set includes a Blepharisma sp. culture, a pipet, and 5 Demoslides. Simply transfer a portion of the culture into a Demoslide and place the compressed viewing chamber under a microscope to observe anatomy and locomotion. Optimal medium: Wheat Seed + Carolina® Springwater. Optimal growth temperature: 22° C.


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