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Phagocytosis and Vacuole Formation in Tetrahymena Kit

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For a class of 30. Developed by Donna Bozzone, Saint Michael's College. Tetrahymena is ideal for studying phagocytosis and vacuole formation. This cell behavior is quite dramatic and easy to observe with a compound microscope (not included).

When hungry Tetrahymena encounter food, they use their moving cilia to maintain a current of extracellular fluid and sweep material into each cell's buccal cavity (mouth). The receiving vacuole fills with food particles and fluid and pinches off.

Tetrahymena ingest a wide variety of materials - including but not limited to bacteria, yeast, India ink, carbon particles, carmine, latex beads, polystyrene beads, and heat-coagulated egg albumin. Teacher instructions included.


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What’s Included:
  •  Tetrahymena
  •  Tetrahymena Medium
  •  Microscope Slides/Cover Glasses
  •  Protoslo®
  •  Centrifuge Tubes
  •  Culture Tubes
  •  Graduated Plastic Pipet
  •  India Ink
  •  Lugol Solution
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