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Is the Gold in My Jewelry Real?

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In this Science Buddies project, you will determine if the antimicrobial properties of metals are a good test for whether or not a piece of jewelry is made out of real gold. You can customize this kit to include the safe E. coli bacteria, nutrient broth, nutrient agar plates, and other supplies needed to complete this experiment.

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Have you ever wondered if a piece of jewelry is real gold or if it's just some ordinary metal alloy? It turns out that some metals have a unique property; even in small amounts, they can be toxic to some organisms, including algae, molds, fungi, and bacteria, although it often takes many hours to see an effect. Can this phenomena, called the oligodynamic effect be used to tell whether or not the gold or silver in a piece of jewelry is real? Do bacteria react differently to pure, plated, and non-gold jewelry? Find out for yourself in this unique treasure-testing science fair project!

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