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No Whey! Milk Protein Content Doesn't Change… Or Does It?

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In this Science Buddies science project, you'll determine total protein concentration, casein concentration, and whey protein concentration of cow milk samples retrieved from cows during different stages of lactation. You can customize this kit to include the microcentrifuge tubes, hydrochloric acid, pH meter, and other supplies needed to complete this experiment.

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Many people you know probably have an opinion about the kind of milk they like to drink—some like it thin and refreshing, others like it thick and rich. Milk can be bought with different fat concentrations, but other than that, it's all the same. Or is it? This science fair project raises a few interesting questions about the other contents in milk. Do all milk products have the same protein concentrations? Do cows produce different types of milk during different stages of lactation? There's only one whey to find out—give this science fair project a try!

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