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Tiny Titans: Can Silver Nanoparticles Neutralize E. coli Bacteria?

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In this Science Buddies science project, you'll determine whether silver nanoparticles can have a noticeable antibacterial effect and, if so, what concentration of silver nanoparticles is needed to achieve this effect. You can customize this kit to include the nutrient agar media plates, different graduated cylinders, forceps, E. coli K12, and other supplies needed to complete this experiment.

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Have you ever heard that nanoparticles can kill bacteria? You may have even seen some consumer products advertise that they contain antibacterial nanoparticles. A nanometer is one billionth of a meter long. Nanoparticles are usually just a few nanometers in diameter — really, really tiny! So how can something that small kill bacteria which are approximately 700 - 1400 nanometers across? Are they really effective? In this science project you will grow some E. coli bacteria and investigate the effectiveness of the antibacterial activity of silver nanoparticles when the silver nanoparticles are used at different concentrations.

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