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Sun, Earth, Moon Systems Model

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Use the Sun, Earth, Moon Systems Model to teach a wide range of topics including: night and day, seasons, the Sun's movement across the sky, the amount of daylight, shadows, phases of the Moon, solar and lunar eclipses, and more.

This model provides 2 sizes of Earth and Moon to allow for greater accuracy in demonstrations (instructions included) and is correctly geared to show each month as Earth orbits the Sun. Rotate the model and watch as Earth orbits the Sun, the Moon orbits Earth, and Earth spins on its axis. Light from the Sun provides the illumination necessary to model night and day, the seasons, and eclipses, and to create shadows. Comes with teacher guide and indicator card set. US plug. Size, 65 cm L x 25 cm H.


What’s Included:
  • 1 Sun, Earth, Moon Systems Model Base
  • 1 Small Earth Model
  • 1 Large Earth Model
  • 1 Small Moon Model
  • 1 Large Moon Model
  • 1 Model Person
  • 1 Date, Eclipse, and Phase of the Moon Indicator Card Set
  • 1 Teacher Guide (with suggested activities)
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