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Ethanol, 70%, Laboratory Grade, 3.8 L

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Synonym: Ethyl alcohol
Formula: CH3CH2OH
Formula Wt: 46.07
CAS: 64-17-5
Notes: Completely denatured; green chemistry substitute for methanol
Storage Code: Red—flammable; store in approved flammable containers; store away from oxidizing materials

All our ethanol products are denatured. Denatured means that poisons have been added to the ethanol to make it undrinkable. The federal government exempts sales of denatured alcohol from beverage taxes. The poisons are chosen such that they cannot easily be distilled or otherwise removed from the ethanol to make it drinkable.

Ethanol, 70%, laboratory grade, contains ethanol, denaturants, and water. The ethanol includes the denaturants and, therefore, is not pure ethanol. The percentage of denaturants in the ethanol varies, but usually accounts for 7% of the solution.

Laboratory Grade—Intermediate purity. Suitable for educational laboratories. Use for qualitative analysis, not quantitative analysis.

This item is sold and shipped to schools and businesses only. Not available to individuals or residential addresses. For substitution suggestions, please call us at 800.334.5551 (8am to 6:30pm, ET, Monday–Friday).

This product is specially made for use in science education laboratories; no certificate of analysis is available.

Not for use in products to be consumed by humans or products applied to the body.


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  • Exclamation icon Flammable Liquid - This product is/contains a DOT regulated hazardous material. Your order will incur a hazardous materials fee. Orders shipping to HI and AK are subject to review and may incur additional shipping charges.
Features, Dimensions & Weight:
  • Synonyms: Ethyl alcohol
  • Formula: CH3CH2OH
  • Formula (search-friendly): CH3CH2OH
  • Formula Weight: 46.07
  • CAS Number: 64-17-5
  • Notes: Completely denatured; green chemistry substitute for methanol
  • Storage Code: Red—flammable
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