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AP Biology Labs 5-6 Take-Home Exam

AP Exam time is fast approaching! Try these teacher-tested, take-home tests to let your students determine their readiness for the upcoming exams. These are great for review after each lab or as a group as a final review.

Lab 5 (Cell respiration)

  1. Estimate the amount of oxygen consumed in the conditions listed in the table.

  2. Conditions mL oxygen consumed per minute
    Germinating peas @ 5 degrees Celsius  
    Germinating peas @ room temperature  
    Dry peas @ 5 degrees Celsius  
    Dry peas @ room temperature  

  3. What was the purpose of the beads?

  4. What happens to the temperature of a gas when the pressure increases (assuming volume remains constant)?

  5. What happens to the volume of a gas when the temperature decreases (assuming pressure remains constant)?

Lab 6 (Molecular biology)

  1. How does a restriction enzyme work?

  2. At what location in the cell do endonucleases work?

  3. What is a plasmid?

  4. How was the plasmid opened up in this lab?

  5. Which fragments of DNA migrate further along a gel electrophoresis plate, long or short fragments?

  6. What happened to each of the colonies below and why?

    A) LB with plasmid

    B) LB without plasmid

    C) LB with plasmid and ampicillin

    D) LB with ampicillin but without plasmid

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