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AP Biology Lab 9-10 Take-Home Exam

AP Exam time is fast approaching! Try these teacher-tested, take-home tests to let your students determine their readiness for the upcoming exams. These are great for review after each lab or as a group as a final review.

Lab 9 (Transpiration)

  1. Using the following conditions, create a graph showing the relationship between the amount of transpiration and time.

  2. Write a short explanation of the physiological responses because of environmental conditions.

    A) a plant at room temperature

    B) a plant in humid conditions

    C) a plant in high light conditions

    D) a plant in very dry conditions

Lab 10 (Physiology)

  1. What is systolic pressure?

  2. What is diastolic pressure?

  3. What does it mean to have high blood pressure?

  4. Why does your heart rate go up when you exercise?

  5. Why does your heart rate go up when you are vertical vs. horizontal?

  6. What is Q10?

  7. Calculate the Q10 for the following conditions:

    A)  Rate at lower temperature = 76

    B)  Rate at higher temperature = 145

  8. Create a graph showing the relationship between temperature and heart rate.

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