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Carolina Kits: Think Outside the Box!

Students using digital resources in the lab

Caroline Smith
Digital Product Developer

June 2017

Carolina kits have gone digital! When you purchase a kit, you will receive access to valuable digital resources on Carolina Science Online. Just create or sign in to your teacher account and redeem the access code sent via email.

Most of our kits now come with a digital version of the Teacher's Manual, which includes these assets:

Description of basic digital resources

Enhanced digital bundles

Some of our kits come with a bundle of digital resources, including the Teacher's Manual and e-learning assets such as:

  • Interactive PreLab Lesson
  • Interactive PostLab Lesson
  • Apparatus Setup Video

The subscription is for 1 year and includes 32 student licenses.

Here is a picture of the enhanced digital bundle of resources available free with purchase of our DNA Necklace Classroom Kit and DNA Necklace Demonstration Kit:

Group of enhanced digital resources included with DNA Necklace kits.

Components of an example prelab activity

Most of our interactive digital lessons begin with an overview page that outlines learning objectives as well as prior knowledge expectations and has a hyperlinked table of contents.

Overview page of a digital prelab activity

We based the content and delivery of our interactive prelab lessons on teacher requests and feedback from focus groups. Prelabs are important because they prepare students with background, safety, and procedural information that makes the lab activities more efficient and meaningful. Our fun prelab activities can be used in a variety of ways:

  • Displayed on an interactive whiteboard
  • Completed individually in a computer lab or one-to-one setting
  • Assigned for homework in a flipped classroom

Prelab lessons also include labeling assessments built around colorful graphics. Formative assessments are critical in prelabs to assess growing student comprehension, which serves as a foundation when carrying out the lab.

Sample digital formative assessment

Our digital lessons also feature assessments built around brief animations or videos like this one from our partners at the DNA Learning Center.

Other sought-after features of our prelab lessons include procedural videos and activities ordering the steps of the lab.

Digital prelab procedural page

With the lesson report page, teachers and students receive immediate feedback on page progress, number of times checked, and number of errors made (for 1 year and an unlimited number of attempts). Each kit purchase comes with 32 student licenses that can be assigned to students' Carolina Science Online accounts, and linked to a teacher's account for grade reporting.

Lesson report page

Components of an example postlab activity

Many kits now include interactive postlab lessons you can use to build on the laboratory material and connect it to more advanced or subsequent topics. The DNA Necklace Classroom Kit comes with a postlab containing assessments built around a protein synthesis animation from our partners at Concord Consortium. The interactive animation allows students to view and manipulate transcription and translation processes to learn potential impacts of DNA mutations on protein structure. Such lessons have real world applications when discussing diseases like sickle cell and phenylketonuria (PKU).

Interactive digital postlab activity

Much more than a lab in a box

Teachers and students alike will enjoy maximizing their use of the next generation of Carolina kits with free digital resources. Having prelab and postlab materials already prepared and consistent with each other will make the lab experience even more memorable for those involved. Instant ways to assess comprehension and instructional material relevant to other aspects of the curricula should make for a more connected learning experience for all.

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