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Finding Funding

Polly Dornette
Product Developer

Have you watched your science budget shrink over the past few years? Has the thought of holding a bake sale crossed your mind as a way of funding your lab?

Despite the shrinking budgets of many of our schools, there are funds available for science education; you just need to know where to look and when to apply.

Be sure to search the Internet often for any local funding opportunities. Inquire directly to local companies to find funds and materials they are willing to donate to your class.

Here are some tips for success in landing a grant:

  • Design a project that goes beyond what is already being taught.
  • Point out clearly in the grant proposal how the project will boost science content knowledge and/or technology skills.
  • For grants that are awarded annually, examine the projects that have been funded in the past.
  • Be sure to read and follow closely the application instructions and requirements.
  • Have someone else review your application and/or proposal for content, accuracy, and grammar.
  • Have your principal review your application to make sure that your proposal falls within school and district guidelines.