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Getting Started with Carolina Distance Learning™ Labs

Julie Stubbs
Carolina Distance Learning™ Specialist

Are you ready to build a Carolina Distance Learning™ lab kit for your course?

Start by filling out the Carolina Distance Learning inquiry form on our website. Follow the link and click “Contact a Distance Learning Specialist Today” at the bottom of the page.

One of our Distance Learning Specialists will review the form and then contact you. Whether you know exactly which investigations you want to include or have only a course title, your specialist can help you build a distance learning lab that you’ll enjoy teaching and be proud of.

Select investigations

Your specialist will ask you a series of questions about your vision for the course, your learning objectives, and your students. From there, you’ll decide which investigations to include in your lab kit. All Carolina Distance Learning™ kits include:

  • A safety set—contains basic personal protective equipment such as a lab apron, gloves, and either goggles or safety glasses.
  • A basic equipment set—contains the basic lab equipment used in many investigations. Set content varies depending on the kind of kit you are building.

Include as many or as few investigations as you feel are necessary for your course. Our aim is to provide you with the kit you need.

Select student purchasing options

Next, your specialist will ask you to consider how your students are going to purchase their kits. You can choose either or both of these options:

  • Students purchase their kits directly from us. We set up a landing page for your course. You distribute the URL, and students order using a credit card.
  • Your school’s bookstore purchases vouchers from Carolina. Students purchase the voucher code from the bookstore and redeem it online.

In either case, we ship the kits directly to students.

Place your order

Once you’ve made these selections, we’ll send you a proposal acceptance form, usually within 1 business day. It details the selected investigations, student purchase option(s), and estimated shipping cost. We’ll also ask you for the class start date and an enrollment estimate. Understanding that enrollments can be unpredictable, we won’t penalize you for missing a target enrollment. However, we do ask that you keep us informed as things change. The better the estimate, the smoother your kit rollout will be.

Kit production begins once we receive your signed proposal acceptance form. If you choose to have your bookstore purchase vouchers, we’ll submit a quote to the store for the requested number of vouchers. Generating a quote usually takes 2 business days. From the time your bookstore cuts a purchase order to the time they have the vouchers is usually less than a week.

Kits are ready to ship about 3 weeks after we receive your signed form. Ground shipping can take up to a week, so we recommend you have your proposal acceptance letter signed at least a month before class is scheduled to begin.

Continuing support

Our service doesn’t end when the kits ship. Throughout the semester, your specialist will be there to answer questions and provide assistance. Our specialists are former or current college or university instructors, and they’ve sat where you are sitting and faced many of the same challenges. Your specialist will provide the support you need to focus on student success.