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Give Your Students That "A-ha" Moment

Philip Ferralli
Product Manager, AP Biology, Biotechnology, Genetics, & Forensics

Disorder Detectives

New partnership

Carolina Biological Supply Company is proud to announce its partnership with the educational outreach team of the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology. The partnership between HudsonAlpha and Carolina debuted at the National Science Teachers Association’s 2013 national conference in San Antonio, TX.

One goal of the educational outreach team of the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology is to give students that “aha!” moment, the “eureka!” feeling from a new discovery or realization about science. The Institute’s resources are designed to make a difference in your classroom and to facilitate for students that “aha” moment. Its educational programs focus on directly addressing common student misconceptions and on introducing students to potential career paths in science.

Mark Meszaros, Vice President of Product Management and Innovation at Carolina, affirmed, “We are excited about partnering with the Educational Outreach group at HudsonAlpha.” Dr. Meszaros continued, "The quality of the content, activities, and materials that this dynamic and knowledgeable group produce is very much in line with Carolina’s commitment to provide educators the finest products and services to help all students understand science."


Many educators across the state of Alabama have acknowledged the value of educational kits from the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology. Designed by Neil Lamb, Director of Educational Outreach, and his staff, these kits follow 2 primary guiding principles: cultivate an awareness of the influence of genetics and biotechnology on the lives of all citizens, and prepare a knowledgeable workforce for the future of biotechnology.

Dr. Lamb stated, “Educational outreach at HudsonAlpha aims to deliver creative, hands-on educational experiences that raise student comprehension and build teacher confidence."

Hands-on HudsonAlpha activity kits now available from Carolina

  • Disorder Detectives (item #214800)

    “Disorder detectives changed the way I teach karyotyping and genetic disorders. It gives students one of the best hands-on experiences with chromosomes. I absolutely love this kit.”
    Nerissa DeRasmus, High School Biology Teacher
  • Genes & ConSEQUENCES (item #214805)

    “This lab is the perfect central dogma lab. It encompasses all aspects of the central dogma and ties it to the biotechnology side of things. It can be used as an inquiry lab or a way to guide note taking. The teacher has a lot of flexibility with this lab.”
    Teresa Gregory, High School Biology Teacher
  • ChromoSock Meiosis (item #214810) and Modeling Mendel’s Laws (item #214812)

    "FINALLY, a simple activity that allows students to ‘see’ the process of chromosome replication, tetrad formation, and chromosome separation during meiosis. HURRAY for CHROMOSOCKS!"
    Cheryl Magnum, High School Biology Teacher

FREE digital resources

In addition to quality hands-on activity kits, HudsonAlpha has FREE digital resources available for educators on their Web site.

  • The Progress of Science Timeline
    The Progress of Science timeline links biology, discovery, and human culture. From domesticating the first animals used for food to creation of the first self-replicating synthetic bacteria, the Progress of Science links history with scientific discovery. 
  • Genome Cache
    GenomeCache® and its associated Web site allow anyone to create up to 20 walkable paths that explore the human genome. GenomeCache® allows you to experience and learn more about the human genome through clues, fun facts, and trivia questions. GenomeCache® is also available for Apple® devices on iTunes®.
  • iCell
    iCell gives students, teachers, and anyone interested in biology a 3-D view inside a cell. Included are examples of 3 types of cells—animal, plant, and bacteria—which allows you to learn about the various parts of these cells. You can download the app in any format from icell.hudsonalpha.org or by searching for iCell in the relevant app store on your device.

Coming soon

Keep an eye out for the HudsonAlpha and Carolina partnership at tradeshows this spring. We have great workshops scheduled for you featuring free resources and insight from experienced classroom users of these HudsonAlpha products. Carolina is eager to help the HudsonAlpha Institute achieve its goal of giving your students that "aha!" moment.