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Shine a Light on Germs with Glo Germ™

Glo GermsThe spread of germs, while easy to describe, is difficult for students to visualize. Now there is a hands-on, visually captivating way to show students how germs are spread by contact with people and objects. It’s called Glo Germ™. Glo Germ glows under ultraviolet (UV) light, so you can track it wherever it goes.

Glo Germ can be purchased as a gel, liquid, or powder. It contains tiny plastic particles that are activated by UV light, revealing themselves as glowing spots and smears on hands and other surfaces that Glo Germ contacts. Glo Germ is particularly useful at the beginning of cold and flu season as a way to educate students (and faculty) about the importance of proper hand washing.

Students begin by rubbing some Glo Germ gel or liquid on their hands and viewing them under a UV light. What they see are “germs”! Students can then wash their hands and view them under a UV light once more to see if the “germs” have been removed. Have students touch objects in the classroom while “contaminated” with Glo Germ, and then do some detective work with a UV light. They will be surprised at where the “germs” end up!

Carolina offers a full line of Glo Germ products available individually or packaged in convenient kits. This cold and flu season, shine a light on germs with Glo Germ™.

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