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Start Spreading the...Germs!

During cold and flu season, use Glo Germ™ to communicate the importance of hand washing to your students. Glo Germ contains tiny plastic particles that glow under ultraviolet light (also known as black light). Here are some simple activities that you can conduct in your classroom to give your students hands-on prevention practice.

Activity 1

Select 3 students from your classroom and dub them the “candidates.” Their “cover story” is that they are vying for an elected position and need to collect votes from their fellow students. Instruct the candidates to talk with small groups of students. At the end of each speech, the candidates solidify their interaction with each group using a handshake (or high five), as students have seen politicians do on television. Candidates are not to tell their fellow students about the “germs” on their hands.

Before the other students came into the classroom, the candidates applied 2 drops of Glo Germ liquid or dusted Glo Germ powder on their hands. Allow 10 to 15 minutes for the candidates to walk around the classroom talking and shaking hands with other students. Candidates should count the number of students they interact with during the given time period. The rest of the students should also keep track of how many candidates’ hands they shake or high-five or if they interact with another student who has interacted with a candidate. After the campaigning time ends, direct students to examine their hands under black light to see if they have been “infected.” Finally, have students test their hand-washing skills and then again examine their hands under black light.

Activity 2

Coat a common object in the classroom, such as a small toy or even a wadded-up paper towel, with Glo Germ. (Realize that the object will continue to have Glo Germ on it unless it is thoroughly washed.) Have students use the object or pass it around, then direct them to examine their hands under black light. If any students are “infected,” have them wash their hands and reexamine under black light. If they are still infected, they need to wash again, making sure they use soap and warm water and spend at least 20 to 30 seconds rubbing their hands together.

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