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Online Teacher Tools Resources and Videos

Stay up-to-date with current science news and trends with Carolina! We've pulled together some of our favorite Web sites we think you'll like too. Browse through the list below to find helpful online tools, guides, and videos!


10 Resources for all science educators

Interactive Resources

A new way, interactive way to consume information


Create, store and print worksheets, quizzes and more


Royality free pictures to use in the classroom

Pics 4 Learning

Free, printable thinking maps


Digital interactives for all science subjects


Smartboard Apps

Teachers Love Smartboards

K-12 Educational Videos

Watch, Know, Learn

Create, Study and Share online flashcards

Flashcard Machine

Science Puzzles

The Science Spot

PowerPoint Games


Create your own podcast

My Podcast

Lesson Plan Maker


Science videos and games

Neo K-12

High School Science Printables

Teacher Vision: High School Printables

Middle School Printables

Teacher Vision: Middle School Printables

Elementary School Printables

Teacher Vision: Elementary School Printables

Video resource lesson

Khan Academy

Games, Interactives, Animations and Graphics


Science Images, Photos, Diagrams and Sketches

Science Kids

Science Worksheets


Science Tools

Science Net Links

Pre-Made Science PowerPoints

Science at PPPST

Science Biography Activities

Teacher Vision: Biographies

Online Science Games

Teacher Vision: Games

Virtual Labs

Digital Labs


Do you have acid breath?

Steve Spangler

Interactive: Heredity and Traits

Learn Genetics

Interactive: Cells

Amazing Cells

Lab: Kiwi DNA

Kitchen Science

Ode To The Brain Video


Interactive: Digital Labs

McGraw Hill

Interactive: Human Body

BBC: Interactive Look at the Human Body

Interactive: Plants

Digital Plants


Online Help for Chemistry Studyents


Video: Microscopic World


Interactive Periodic Table

RSC Organization

Periodic Table of Videos

Periodic Videos

Chemistry Activities Archive

The Chem Collective: Activities

Interactive: Virtual Labs

The Chem Collective: Virtual Labs

Earth & Environmental Science

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle....Styrofoam?

Steve Spangler

Digital Interactive: Deconstructive v. Constructive Waves

Curriculum Bits

Digital Interactive: Eco Zoo

Eco Zoo

Digital Interactive: Space

Amazing Space

Digital Interactive: Water Cycle

The Water Cycle