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Preserved Specimen Disposal Guidelines

Disposing of preserved specimens and preservation fluids after use isn’t complicated, but does require some thoughtful planning. Here’s how to properly dispose of both these types of waste and whom to contact should you have any questions or need assistance.


Specimens preserved in Carosafe® or Carolina's Perfect Solution® can often be disposed of in a school's regular waste destined for a landfill or incinerator. The specimens are not classifiable as federal hazardous wastes and do not represent a biohazard. However, you should check with your local solid waste authority (e.g., the local governmental authority in charge of solid waste, your local landfill, or your waste disposal company if applicable) to ensure that this is an acceptable practice. If it is, we recommend that you double bag the specimens before placing them in your school's regular waste.

Preserving Fluids

If your preserved specimens are in pails of Carosafe® or Carolina's Perfect Solution® , the fluids can often be discharged into a sanitary sewer system. This is because neither fluid is classified as a federal hazardous waste and the quantities are generally small. However, you should check with the local wastewater authority (e.g., the local governmental authority that handles wastewater treatment or the local wastewater treatment plant) to make sure that this is an acceptable practice. If it is, you can pour the fluids into a sink and flush them down the drain with running water.

Caution: If your school is equipped with a septic tank system, seek advice from a supervisor or administrator before discharging Carosafe® or Carolina's Perfect Solution® into it. Even these safe chemicals can upset the microbiological balance that is so important to the system's proper functioning.

If you have questions or need assistance, please email Keith Barker at keith.barker@carolina.com, or phone him at 336.538.6377 or 800.334.5551, ext. 6377.